Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News!

Good news! My Dad was released from the hospital on Saturday and he is back home in St George. He will have some occupational therapy and rehab, but should be back to 100% soon.

I also wanted to share something that really touched my heart. When we came home from vacation, we received a stack of condolence cards that had been sent to Murray PD. Several of them contained donations, all of them very much appreciated but there were a few in particular that touched my heart in a very special way.

There were 3 envelopes from a Murray Detective, 1 from him and 2 from his kids. Cassidy is only twelve years old and she gave my family what must have been her entire savings because it was more money than most twelve year olds have at one time. And her little sister Carly who is only ten, contributed several dollars plus change, probably her savings as well. When I opened up those envelopes my heart just swelled, I smiled, then I cried, totally overwhelmed by emotion at the selflessness and generosity of this family. Those sweet girls didn't know Rick or my family, but they wanted to help anyway.
THANK YOU! Cassidy, Carly and their Dad.

There was another card with a donation from a very sweet lady from Vernal whom we don't know and she probably doesn't know us. I just kind of get the feeling that she may not have much money, but she wanted to do what she could for us. Margaret in Vernal you brightened my day. THANK YOU SWEETIE!

And once again, I find myself wanting to thank Brian for his ongoing support without which I would no doubt be in a padded room by now. Also, thanks to Kerri and Heather for helping me with all the miserable paperwork stuff that makes me cry every time I even think about it.

I'm getting great emotional support from some very special people. I started to list off names of my friends and family who have been here for me no matter what, but then I changed my mind and decided that...
you know who you are...Thanks!

Go Cardinals! Go Kurt Warner!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dads surgery

I am happy to say that my Dads surgery went as well as possible. He feels better and his vision has improved. He seemed to be in good spirits tonight and is expected to make a full recovery and if all goes well, he should be out of the hospital Friday and may be going back home Saturday :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We returned home from Palm Springs Jan 10th and we all went back to work and/or school Monday Jan 12th. The vacation felt pretty empty and it was a real effort to make ourselves do things. We did manage to have a little fun but mostly we just relaxed in the sun and floated along the lazy river, the Worldmark Property there is very beautiful and we will probably go back sometime.

I miss my friends and would really like to see you guys soon, but it's very hard to be social because my moods swing so quickly....and I know everyone understands that. I'm doing ok for now...just need time...alot of time :/

Some of you already know that my Dad had a severe stroke last week and he was Life-Flighted up here from St George. He is currently in stable condition right now, but still in ICU, and he is scheduled for Angioplasty surgery tomorrow. I will update just as soon as we know anything after surgery tomorrow. Please pray that everything goes well!

Thanks for reading and being our friends...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time for an update

Dear Family and Friends

I just wanted all of you to know that the kids and I are doing OK. As well as can be expected anyway. I am currently staying at my Dad's in St. George with my 3 youngest kids, Brandon, Jared and Breanna. We will be joined by my two oldest boys Derrick and Danny tomorrow and we will then be spending a week in sunny, warm Palm Springs, CA. It is a vacation that we had planned before Rick's illness and with a little deliberation on the day of Rick's passing, we decided to go ahead with the vacation as planned. The kids and I think that Rick would have wanted us to go.

FYI, my phone has been temporarily suspended, however I can receive calls and text messages but I can't call out or reply to text, so don't think I'm avoiding you if you don't hear from me for a while. I'll get it straightened out when I get back after Jan 12th.

My sister Teri had planned her wedding in Las Vegas for the same day as the funeral and unfortunately she ended up having to reschedule it so that she could be there for me. I want her to know how much I appreciate her unselfishness and the sacrifice she made for me in my time of need. I ended up going to her wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ray Howe. I also want to thank my sister Janet for coming to my side from Denver as soon as possible and supporting me during the most difficult days after Rick's passing. I love my sisters and my dad.

I also want to say thank you to all my friends who came by in the days following the funeral to give us comfort. Visiting and playing games seemed to help distract us just a little when we needed it most.

Thank you so very much to all the Officers from all over the state of Utah who showed so much respect and honor for Rick. Even though it was the saddest day we will ever know, it truly was an overwhelming, amazing and inspirational day and I do feel that Rick was there in spirit and that he was at peace and felt the love overflowing throughout the day and I'm sure it was exactly what he would have wanted. Thanks again and again Brian.

And of course, I really want to let every last person who attended Rick's funeral know just how much it meant to me and the kids that you were there. Even though I was "hiding" in my sorrow and I didn't really "see" most of you, in my heart I know that you were there. It was the saddest, worst day of our lives and yet we felt an overwhelming sense of love and support from everyone there.

And to my dearest Rick, I KNOW in my heart that you are in a better place and I WILL see you again. Until then my sweetie, wait for me and rest in peace baby.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Richard (Rick) Sterling DuKatz

(April 27, 1962 - December 18, 2008)

Our Hero”

Richard Sterling DuKatz, 46, of West Jordan, died at his home on December 18, 2008. Rick, a decorated Murray City Police Officer, was a devoted and loving husband, father, friend, coworker, and community member. Rick was looking forward to his retirement in May of next year and the opportunity to spend more time with his wife Beverly, his five children and grandson. These plans tragically changed in October of 2008 when he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer caused by exposure to meth labs in the line of duty.

Rick was born in Minneapolis, MN on April 27, 1962, the son of James Gerald DuKatz and Faye Viola DuKatz. Rick married the love of his life Beverly Diane Harvey on November 9, 1985. Rick graduated from Bingham High School in 1980 and earned an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Salt Lake Community College in August of 2001.

Rick’s career in law enforcement started in 1985 as a Constable and then a Reserve Officer for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the South Jordan Police Department. He was hired as a full-time Patrol Officer for the South Jordan Police Department. He then began working at the Murray City Police Department in 1990. He served as a K-9 officer, a Community Oriented Policing Officer, and spent ten years on the Murray SWAT team. He also spent three years with the DEA Metro Narcotics Task Force as a Narcotics Detective. Most recently he confronted the most difficult job for any cop by working as a Child Abuse Detective. Rick received the Purple Heart in 1992 for injuries sustained in the line of duty, and was recently honored with the Chief’s Star Award for his outstanding work as a Homicide Detective. He also received 6 Division Commander Awards and several other achievement awards.

Rick was loved for his sharp wit and his fun outlook at life. Rick enjoyed fixing and racing cars, specifically Camaro’s, and going for rides with his wife on his Harley. He belonged to the Peacemakers Motorcycle Club. Friends were a priority to Rick, and the Dukatz home is often overflowing with friends. However, his greatest passion in life was his wife and family.

He is survived by his wife of 23 years, Beverly DuKatz; his daughter, Breanna; four sons, Derrick, Danny, Brandon, Jared; and grandson, Braden. He is also survived by his parents, James Gerald DuKatz and Faye Viola DuKatz; sister, Kathryn (DuKatz) Jensen (Clifford); brothers, Donald DuKatz (Margaret New) and David Thomas DuKatz (Susan Prince).

A viewing will be held at Murray High School at 5440 S. State St. on Friday December 26th from 6:00 to 8:00pm. His funeral will be held at Murray High School on Saturday December 27th at 11:00am. Interment will follow at the Murray City Cemetery at 5490 S. Vine St.

The Dukatz family wishes to thank Brian Wiseman, Jake Huggard, and many other friends, family and strangers for their ongoing support, prayers, and kindness.

Memorial donations may be sent to: The Murray City Police Department, care of the DuKatz family, at: 5025 S. State, Murray, UT 84107K

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye, We Love You

Rick DuKatz passed away in his sleep early this morning, Thursday, December 18th 2008.
He was 46 years old, much, much too young.

We will miss your sweet smile, your quick wit and all your invaluable advice.

May peace and love be with you My Darling.

Tough Guys

Murray S.W.A.T. Team
These guys are all heroes.
They are willing to risk their lives to keep us safe.
They are Ricks Brothers and he is theirs.

These are some VERY Tough Guys who could easily defeat almost any threat.
Except one. Pancreatic cancer.
Rick is still fighting, but I am so, so sad to say that he is losing his fight.

Please keep praying for him. Love and peace to all.